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Illuminating lives with love


Life on mission?

The mission is not a ‘planned trip out the country’...

it’s right here, right now. 

In whatever country, town, job you’re in; that is a space God can use you.

It’s making your life the mission field. 

We are called to be disciples and to make disciples, 

To share the good news with others, 

To look after the poor, sick, needy, orphaned and the widowed. 

To love others because he first loved. 

To step out in faith


What does that look like for you? 


We’ve had fun finding ways to share Jesus with those we know and those we don’t. 

Here is what that looks like in the neighborhoods we’ve been in, 

Let us know what you do!


Stepping out 

If you had a chance to share Jesus with someone, and it was a matter of life or death, heaven or hell for them... would you? 

Well... this may be the case with every person you aren't 100% sure is walking with the father. 

What if you let God use you to be part of the reason they get to Know him.... what if you don't?

Stepping out in faith is scary sometimes, but the reality of hell should be more scary, especially when God says he will lead and guide us. 

God promises to work in and through you, he has equipped us and sent us, we need only to be open.

You could be part of bringing heaven to earth and seeing miracles happen. 


"I have not always had a good experience when asking to pray for people. But every experience was worth it.

9/10 times God worked more than I could imagine and I got to be part of something out of my capacity, something more. When you taste life with the one who created life itself, it's hard to accept less" -K.Sinclair

You don't have to do it alone, His team is bigger than you think ;)

Illuminating lives with love, through faith;
sharing stories that ignite hearts for Jesus


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