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Who are we?
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Luke, an outdoors adventure-seeking mountain boy, was raised by his remarkable homeschool upbringing and the guidance of his amazing parents near Aspen Colorado. Ignited by both his fervor and the unyielding grace of God, Luke has forged a stirring path. Steering the course of his thriving production company, he uncovered a profound truth: “The goal is not to beat the never-ending game we humans see as reality. But to live for something far greater. To spread a love that none of us truly understand only that it’s the greatest love ever given.” Thus, rather than creating for himself, Luke chose to create for the Creator, unveiling a cascade of remarkable doors and stories that illuminate the extraordinary role God plays as the director of our lives. The best part? This is only the very beginning.

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Communications Director, Content creator & Project manager Growing up in South Africa, Kirsty's experiences shaped her view of a broken world and her compassion for loving people and stepping out. Using her experiences, failures and mistakes to equip and build others. Despite being raised by believers, the testing of her faith became real after a series of events through which scary prayers, loss, and unthinkable challenge revealed that anything less that a life with Jesus would not be satisfactory.

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OG Member bringing the bars and the banter. Being Luke's brother he didnt have much choice to join the podcast at times but is always brining new and insitfull perspectices.

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Illuminating lives with love, through faith;
sharing stories that ignite hearts for Jesus

Our story


​​ "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far,  go together" - Martha Goedert  Our story is not long, but its not done either. In short; a group of passionate christian boys started a pod cast to share their faith lives. With passions and callings growing, their paths diverged to spread the kingdom. Slowly, Firestarters community and vison has been building as God opens doors for passions and talents to align. We are still building but are currently a multi-facited platform, working towards encouraging, empowering & increasing the kingdom through our gifts and stories in the form of film. If you want to heard more of exactly how we got here, where we are now and where we are going, click HERE


Community is Key. 1. "Partner in prayer" : We believe above all relationship with God is priority, so partnering with us in prayer means more than we can say. For specific prayer requests per season message us on socials - we appreciate this the most! 2. "Where God guides, he provides" ; We know God will make a way where he leads, if you feel you want to be part of our process through financial aid, you can donate on our give page. 3. "Knowledge is power"; if you aren't able to help in the above ways, sharing the word could open doors to community that are able or called to. Our heart is to extend our community in hopes of expanding our reach to support, equip, inspire, encourage & journey with other believers

Get involved


If you've read 'why you should be here' on our home page and which of the 3 categories you fall under... keep reading If you have a heart for creating, serving, loving, stepping out, learning, encouraging, growing, building, adding or more... We trust that you have a purpose in being here. That you can help or add more than you may have even thought. (check out ‘How to get involved’ on our give or about page) If a God "who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20), the reason you are still reading this is not limited to your own ability, capacity or resources. If you want to see or be part of something bigger than you, to see or be part of miracles and stories of God's work ...we invite you to hear some of our story, to meet our small and growing team, to see our vision for the future and reach out to let us know you want to step into what God has you here for :) Keep reading this page to find out more about us and our vision.

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