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Community is Key. 1. "Partner in prayer" : We believe above all relationship with God is priority, so partnering with us in prayer means more than we can say. For specific prayer requests per season message us on socials - we appreciate this the most! 2. "Where God guides, he provides" ; We know God will make a way where he leads, if you feel you want to be part of our process through financial aid, you can donate on our give page. 3. "Knowledge is power"; if you aren't able to help in the above ways, sharing the word could open doors to community that are able or called to. Our heart is to extend our community in hopes of expanding our reach to support, equip, inspire, encourage & journey with other believers


Laudenie Andre 

Hey I just finished watching your first episode. I think it was awesome and I'm glad God led you all to this. Listinf to you guys made feel like I had those Christian friend's I've been asking God for. The ending with the music was smooth and reminded me that it was all just a podcast. Next time could you talk about dating and tips for going into High school as a Christian. Thank you so much.

Kyndal Goodwin

Hey y’all! My name is Kyndal, and I’m from the bottom part of Louisiana. I just wanted to say how much I love your videos. Fun fact, I know y’all aren’t a big fan of tiktok but i found y’all on tiktok and immediately followed all you’re social media accounts. I’m glad i found y’all, because i don’t know many people that are truly sharing their love for christ. You’re videos make me ten times happier each day and I cant wait to see what God does through each and every one of y’all’s lives. I will be praying for the podcast and for y’all and I can’t wait for future videos.


hey! so i had a quick question hahah
i’m in high school at the moment and i’m trying to grow my relationship with God, i try reading the bible but i am struggling to find motivation to do so. any advice?
(btw great job with the podcast it’s really good hahah)

Shannon Enwright

I need to say this as I think about it every time I see your videos. As a current youth leader for kids and teenagers, I just want to say how encouraging it is to see your tik toks! It is a very rare thing to see teens your age this engaged with not only reading the Word but engaging in discussion about it. I am honestly so so encouraged and pray the God will continue to be glorified through your ministry and podcasts.

Taylah wheeler

I love what you guys are doing ... keep shining for Jesus 🙏🏻🙏🏻 you have no idea who you might be touching and reaching . And even if only one person comes to Jesus though this , one person would have come to know Jesus 😍 and that is so exciting!!!

Emma Gibbs

I don’t have a question for your podcast (which is amazing by the way) but I would just like to say thank you for making such entertaining and authentic podcasts. Lately I’ve been under a lot of stress because of my job which kinda affected my mood (a lot) but when I listened to your first podcast it made me feel so much understood and completely changed my outlook on what I’m doing everyday. Your podcasts make me feel so much more relaxed but also connected to Christian teenagers who share the same beliefs and have the same morals that I do (which is a great feeling). You guys are doing amazing! I can’t wait to listen to the podcasts to come!💛

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