the crew

I was born into a Christian family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, then moving to Essex, Connecticut, one year later. While living there, I was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia) at age 3, and was on chemotherapy for three years. When finished with chemo, I wasn’t considered cured until five years later, in April of 2016. 

Though calling myself a Christian, I didn’t truly accept Lord Christ until my faith was explored through Snowmass Chapel once I moved to Aspen. My faith was then tested and proven by my great friends who now run this podcast.


Aidan Sunkel

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Luke Tornare

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Hey, my name is Luke! 

I was raised in the church and am super blessed to have an amazing family who loves God.  I was struggling to use my talents (content creation, Photography/ videography) for God's kingdom. I thought creating this podcast would be a good way to reach all of you in a hopefully unique and encouraging way, and let God speak through me to share his word!


Isaiah 40:31

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Matthew Nicholas

Hey there, my name is Matthew!

I was born and raised as a Catholic for the majority of my childhood in lovely San Francisco. I went to a strict Catholic school; however, at the end of my fourth grade year I escaped and my family and I moved to Denver Colorado. Throughout middle school I kept God in the back of my head and only during my 8th-grade year did I ever start putting God into my life. I never grew strong with Him though, until my Junior year of high school where I started to pursue His word…and now I have an amazing, Christian podcast that I’m doing with my friends.